Be Kind and Do Your Best

As long as I can remember these words “Be kind and do your best” have been on my syllabi and before that class rules for my elementary and middle school music classrooms.  I told my little ones that those words covered all of the situations we might find in our classroom. For example, do you share keyboard time with your partner?  Do you talk to others and cause them to miss instruction on how to play guitar?  Do you drop trash knowing that someone else will take the time to pick it up?  Be kind and do your best.

As my college students and I face challenges of time, resources, or commitment, I think these words still ring true.  If I am doing my best I will commit more time to this project for a better result and to learn more thoroughly.  If I share my skills and smiles with others I am trying to be kind.



Music for Summer Nights

I would like to suggest that you write or improvise your own music for your view of the summer night sky.
We all bring different experiences to the process of writing. You certainly do not need anyone’s permission to compose, but you might like a little nudge in that direction.
Well, here it is. I nudge with love and optimism.

Link to Elementary playlist on Spotify.

Blogging in Music Education

I have a blog for each class. Students know what is covered and assignments are noted.

Posts are sequential. Newest at top. Pages are like webpages.





Need help teaching and communicating? Try blogging.

1. Students and parents can subscribe and get an e-mail when you post.

🌀. Announcements, events, good news, weather, etc.

2. Communicate content

🌀. Class outlines (lesson plans)

🌀. YouTube videos (mp3s not free plan)

🌀.   Photos

3. Students can create blogs and complete assignments.

Examples:          Jill.         Holly.       David.        Stephanie


I have a  blog for each class.  Students know what is covered and assignments are noted.

Posts are sequential. Newest at top.  Pages are like webpages.

Intro to Music.

One post per week. Students can see what they will do and review for quizzes is more efficient.

Post student photos for fun.

Elementary General Music Methods.

Music Technology.

Link to WordPress help.   Here

Blogging from an iPad.   Use the app or login in a browser window.

1st…  Take a screenshot:    Depress Power and Home button at the same time.  You will hear a shutter sound.

2nd… Edit:  Go to Photos… 

Your screenshot will be the most recent photo.  Open it.  Using cropping tool select the part of the image you want to use.


You may also take photos with your iPhone and share to the cloud.  Navigate to and insert from that folder.

3rd… Links:  The two links of chain in the center are the icon for inserting links.   Copy address from a page.

You may insert the URL or link from a word.

Publish.  Update.

Setting up your blog will take time, but first give thought to your blog name. Choose something easy to remember, but not weird or awkward. Probably.

There are many free blogging sites.  I choose to use this one so I do not have to learn others. Life is already complicated.

Band Blogs:
Choir Blogs:     
General Music:


Technology:      ATU grad Dustin Summey.